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Warm-up routine for ‘No equipment required’ rounds

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Many of us used to be able jump out of the car and drive straight down the middle of a fairway. If you skip a warmup prior to a round of Golf, it could take up to 4 or 5 holes for you loosen and gain your form. By that time, your score might already be ruined. Here’s a quick and simple pre-round warmup to help you avoid big numbers on your scorecard.

Warming up is a great way to loosen and supple muscles, which will make it easier to swing. You can do this warmup at your house before your round of golf, if you don’t have a long drive to the golf course or on the driving range and don’t be embarrassed to do the routine, it couldn’t more humiliating than topping your drive off the first tee.

Warming up can be done in many ways, such as jogging or doing jumping jacks. I have selected exercises that target specific golf muscles.

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