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Track Success to Improve Your Game

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Track Success to Improve Your Game

I know it is too early for northerners golfers to work on their swings, but we can all benefit from tracking improvements in your driver, irons, and putter. This is a great way to get ready for the upcoming season. It’s a good idea to start a success list. As you find new successes in the warmer months, your plan should change.

If you were to incorporate all the swing tips which improved your game you would already be a low handicapper. Unfortunately, we rarely record the setup or swing positions of each type of club which produced incredible hits. All of us have physical limitations due to our mishaps during our development. Learn from the pros, and adjust your workouts to your physical limitations.

GolfWRX used the image of Padraig Hastings to illustrate the major body action and leading foot movement of Happy Gilmore

The following list of personal success strategies may not suit your physical limitations but you can use them as a basis for your personal plan.

  1. Get Moving: Warm up with 10 minutes of Dynamic stretching before every round. You should move your feet and wiggle before making a putt, iron shot, or drive during your round. I use a two-foot takeaway waggle to start my driver swing. It forces me to move my hips and shoulders.Before my arms ever move into the sockets of my shoulders.
  2. Set Elbows:Right-handed people, rotate both elbows in the clockwise direction. My leading elbow locks my straight arm and points directly up the target line. In the backswing, my trailing elbow rotates to make it easier to bend, while my arms are lifted. My wrists cock in order to create lag.
  3. Tilt shoulders for drives:I do this to launch upward my drives.
  4. Foot Pressure: I begin with equal pressure on my driver and putter. I put extra pressure on the leading foot of my irons and sand wedges to keep me weight forward.
  5. Slower backswing and powerful downswingMy best swings are when I allow myself enough time to create a complete backswing, and then cock my wrists for lag. My mental count is “one and finish” where finish is the release from the top to a balanced finish.
  6. Putting:I use my putting putter as a plumb bob to determine minor breakages near the hole. I also take a practice hit for speed selection. I then stare directly down at my ball through impact while I swing my putting putter directly up the chosen target line without moving my head.

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