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Tour Edge 524 Series – Hot Launch Places Focus on Custom Fitting

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The new Tour EdgeHot Launch 524 Series is coming to retail on March 1. 

The 524 series—the eighth iteration of Hot Launch Line—is split into two ranges: the E524 and C524. The E (extreme), range includes “super game-improvement clubs”The C (competition range) has a very low center-of-gravity, super-shallow face and offset designs that get the ball airborne. The C (competition range) has “competition-spec game-improvement clubs”With a higher moment inertia, the clubs are more traditional in shape and offer added forgiveness. 

The C524 Series.

Tour Edge incorporates innovations from their Tour Preferred Exotics line into this game-improvement range, which is primarily targeted at mid to high handicappers. All six metalwoods in the series  feature Tour Edge’s Ridgeback crown technology, a rail that provides additional structural support for the crown, reducing deformation at impact so more energy can be transferred to the ball.

Tour Edge wants to expand into the custom fitting, fast shipping and affordable game-improvement club markets in addition to making affordable clubs. Game-improvement clubs and accessibility for custom fitting normally don’t pair together—Tour Edge wants to change that. 

Hot Launch 524 seriesMobile fitting bags are available in more than 1,500 locations. Any custom order from an authorized Tour Edge fitter will be hand-built at Tour Edge’s headquarters in Batavia, Ill., and will ship within 48 hours for all orders placed in the continental United States.

The company reports that its custom fitting orders has grown rapidly over the past few years.

“Our focus is to provide something that no one else is offering: the ability to get fit into golf clubs featuring the latest in innovation designed to help the average golfer make this rough and tough game easier to play,”David Glod, Tour Edge’s founder and president, said:

Drivers E524 & C524

Retail prices will be $249.99 For E and C driversThe price of the car is much lower than other brands. 

The C524 is a more traditional setup and design for maximum ball speed. A weight on the rear extremity of the clubhead raises the MOI by 5 percent over the Hot Launch series. The premium 6-4 titanium features a 360 degree cup face design. Cup face construction increases amount of face flexing during off-center hits, which results in higher ball speed and a more solid feeling. The loft is available in nine degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degree for right-handed players only. 

The E524, on the other hand, maximizes MOI for improved accuracy and launch. Its main feature is its ability to launch and track accurately. “Houdini Sole”The mass is concentrated at the trailing edge, with a curved front edge. Tour Edge says that this innovation enables their engineers to precisely balance weight in the heads for an ultra low and deep center gravity, optimizing launch and stability conditions.

The E524 Series

Righties can choose from 10, 5, 12, and HL/15 degrees. Left-handers are able to get it in 10.5 degrees.

The E-C fairway metals are available for $169.99. The E and C fairway metals will be available for $169.99 each. E and C hybridsRetail price is $149.99. 

The C524 Fairway Metals are made out of 17-4 stainless. They have a classic setup and design. The deeper face and more compact profile were inspired by Exotics C722 and designed for the competitive player. The right-handed lofts include a 15-degree 3-wood; a 17-degree 4-wood; a 19-degree 5 wood and a 21-degree 7-wood.

The C524 hybrid is designed for players who want to enjoy the benefits of a minimal offset design with optimal launch and spin. “extreme playability.” You can find it in 19 degrees (3), 22 degrees (4), 25 degrees (5) and 28 degrees (6). 

The E524 Fairway Metals on the other hand have a “slice-fighting offset design”The heel weighting is used to increase the draw bias. Right-handers will find this in a 16 degree 3-wood, a 20 degree 5-wood, a 23-degree 7 wood, a 25-degree 9 wood and s 27-degree 11 wood. This is also available for lefties, in the same lofts, for the 3-woods, 5-woods and 7-woods. 

The E524 has a super shallow face with a 11 percent larger area for hitting compared to previous Hot Launch Series. It aims to “extreme forgiveness”A high launch angle. It is available as a right- or left-handed set for the 19 degree (3), 22 degree (4), 25 degree (5), and 28 degrees (6).

E524 & C524 Irons/Wedges

You can also find out more about the following: C524 irons, wedges and wedgesThe E524 irons, wedges and clubs will retail at $99.99 each.

The C524 Irons are made from 431 stainless steel, a soft and traditional material. The C524 irons have a wide sole with added toe-weighting for more stability and distance on off-center shots. Lofts for both righties and lefties are 20 degrees (4) and 23 degrees (5). 

The C524 irons.

The C524 VIBRCOR has 20 percent extra TPU strategically placed into the deep undercut for a distinct feeling at impact. Right-handers will find it in 50 degrees, 52 degrees, 54 degrees, 56 degree, 58 degree, and 60 degree lofts. Left-handed lofts include 52, 56 and 58 degrees. 

The E524 irons have hollow interiors “iron-wood”Designs that emphasize the ease of launching and correcting mishits. It features a longer clubhead, a thinner front-to back line, and more weight on the lower part of the clubhead. The same lofts are available for both sides. 20 degrees (3); 23 degrees (4); 26 degrees (5); 29 degrees (6); 36 degrees (8); 40 degrees (9); 44 degrees (PW); and 49 degrees A. 

Finally, the E524 wedges also have the Houdini Sole  which limits the amount of sole area, reducing drag and turf interaction by 35 percent. The E-Series wedge features an oversized face that provides more striking surface for players looking to improve their game. It is available in 52,56 and 60 degrees on both sides. 

The entire 524 line comes standard with an ultra-light ALDILA Ascent PL (Performance light) graphite shaft. The True Temper Elevate PH 95 steel shaft, which is also available in the 524 wedges and irons, is also available. 

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