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TaylorMade files lawsuit against Costco over Kirkland Signature Irons

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Yesterday, TaylorMade filed suit against Costco WholesaleSouthern California Design Company for willful patent infringement relating to Costco’s new Kirkland Signature Players Irons.

Amongst the myriad of accusations made on TaylorMade’s behalf to Costco and SCDC is the assumption that the Kirkland Signature Irons “copy many features and technologies from TaylorMade’s P790 irons and the asserted patents.”

Who is SCDC?

Southern California Design Company is believed to be the manufacture of Costco’s Kirkland golf clubs. The lawsuit states that “SCDC designed and manufactures the accused products for Costco and sells the accused products to Costco. On information and belief, the accused products are made by or at the direction of SCDC and/or Costco in the United States, or are imported into the United States by or at the direction of SCDC and/or Costco.”

Based on the conforming listsSCDC can be linked to the Indi Golf brand.

Other Accusations

Among other initial claims is the claim that Costco’s irons do not in fact contain injected urethan inserts. According to the suit, the urethan is nowhere to be seen.

“Costco’s website listing the accused products for sale states that “[t]The Kirkland Signature Players distance irons are designed for distance and forgiveness, with a[n] … injected urethane insert. The accused products, however, do not contain an “injected urethan insert.””

What’s Next?

TaylorMade is requesting a jury trial. If Costco and SCDC were found to have willingly infringed on TaylorMade’s patents and/or participated in false advertising of the accused products, they could be on the hook for a large chunk of change.

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