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Stop Muffing Your Chip Shots

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Stop Muffing Your Chip Shots

Too many chip shots are hit too thin or fat You cannot control the wrist lag on these short chip shots(upto 30 yards).  Wouldn’t it be great if you could guarantee a perfect chip shot every time you try one on the course?  Even GOLFPASSThis is a demonstration of what I’m about to share with. 

Chip shots often fail Because you are trying release your wrist lag exactly at the bottom of your swing, your wrists may be bent or opened at the point impact.  A normal swing is often completed with some up and down motion in your shoulders and knees which also change the distance to your ball.  Timing is critical for this type of swing and that’s why you muff so many chips shots.

There is only one way to guarantee that you will get a perfect chip shot.  You need to setup and swing with a straight leading arm & wrist and don’t move your shoulders up or down.  You are only creating power with the rotation of your shoulders and pendulum swing like a putt.  You can adjust your shot’s distance by extending your backswing. Then, you can choose any of your irons based on the height and the distance.

Setup your feet approximately 10 inches apart, with your leading leg flared out 45 degrees. 

2/ Slide the leading hand down onto your grip, so that your arm is straight out and in line directly with your club. (Without leaning to the front).  The soul of the club you choose may rest on either the toe or flat base, depending on your preference.

Chip by rocking shoulders with a straight arm in line with your club.

3/ Tilt shoulders so you can grip the club with your trailing hands separated slightly beneath your leading hand.  The power of this swing is controlled entirely by the rotation of your shoulder and trailing arm.

If you keep your head, shoulders and ball at the same distance throughout your swing, your chip will always be perfect.

NOTE: This is NOT the flop shot because you are NOT activating the wrist to generate velocity.

Practice this shot on your lawn or at the range, before you try it out on the course.   I guarantee that you will hit 20 balls with no muffing.  You only need to choose the correct club for lift and the appropriate swing speed to hit your target.  I shared this tip with an elderly woman who had been hitting all her chips wrong. She was thrilled about her success. You might want to practice with your GOLFSTR+  to keep your leading arm straight for these chip shots but this would be an over kill as it’s really easy to keep your leading arm straight when your are completing a limited swing.  Buy one now at



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