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I Tried Tiger Woods’ New Sunglasses

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There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted testsThe following are some examples of how to use Buyer’s Guides. You want to know what it does. In our We Tried It video series, we test out gear to see if it performs as advertised. 

What We Tried

Costa Diego sunglasses. Tiger Woods wore a pair of Costa Diego sunglasses amid rumors that he would split with the Swoosh. If they’re good enough for Tiger, they’re good enough for me, right?

Who Tried It?

Connor. Director of Soft Goods Testing, and resident sneakerhead. I’ve got a huge face (and huge ankles) so the Costa Diego seems like a great fit. It can be challenging to find sunglassesI was eager to try these because they were the perfect fit for my face. 

Crossover Appeal

Costa sunglasses are generally thought of as sunglasses designed for water sports or sport fishing. The majority of their lens technology and polarization is designed specifically for fishing. However, the crossover possibilities to golf are endless. 

Our website is a great place to learn about our products and services. Most Wanted Sunglasses Testing in the Early Part of the YearCosta sunglasses are a great choice. The majority of models offer a great fit and coverage.

The Diego is perhaps Costa’s most advanced model in sports performance. I put them through the ringer to let you know if they’re worth your hard-earned cash. 

The Good

Let’s start with the good. 


The Costa Diego provides some of the best coverage of any sunglasses I’ve ever worn. This is, of course, by design. The large lenses and ergonomic shape allow for little light to get between the sunglasses and face.

A pair of good shoes is a must golf sunglassesYou should wear plenty of protection, as any excess light that reaches your eye can throw you off (or damage your sight). 

The Diego fits my face shape and size perfectly, ensuring that the polarized lens covered my peripherals. 


Costa Diego fit me well, too. The temple tips were flexible and very comfortable. The overall size of the frame was perfect for my face curvature.

Clarity and Contrast

The Costa Diego sunglasses with polarized Mirror Blue lenses provided great contrast while playing golf. Even though they’re designed specifically for offshore fishing, they lend themselves well to reading greens. The polarization ensured that glare would not be an issue (although I may have used the excuse of having the sun in my eye to justify my poor shots). 

It’s worth noting that Costa’s glass lenses provide 100 percent UV protection and are scratch-resistant. 

The Bad

The Costa Diego aren’t perfect sunglasses. (I seriously doubt that they exist. There are always areas where they can improve. 

Slip and Bounce

My biggest complaint with the Cost Diego is the bounce and slipping I experienced while on the course. What do I really mean? The nose area on the sunglasses moved too much for me. I pushed the sunglasses back against my face on the putting course and any vigorous swing caused them to bounce. 

There is room for improvement but nothing major. 

It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that this has everything to do with my face shape and nothing to do with the sunglasses. Even still, it’s worth mentioning. 


The only other thing I disliked about Costa Diego was the price. Yes, I know, I tend to stay away from price conversations but it’s perhaps the most polarizing thing about sunglasses. (Other lenses, of course.)

At the retail price of $294 for the Costa Diego with polarized glass lenses, it’s just a hard recommendation to make unless you’ve got some extra disposable cash. Are there worse sunglasses for more money? Sure. And there are value options that have performance that’s largely on par (like the Goodr Knock it On!).

Daily Drivers

For now, the Costa Diego will go into my golf bag, and my car, as my daily driver. I found the fit and clarity to be excellent (even though the price was a little high). 

Costa Diego is available in a variety of colors.


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