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How to fix your slice

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For right-handed golfers, the slice shot occurs when the ball begins straight or to the left and then curves rightwards. This causes lost distance (and golfballs!).


  • To fix a slice, correct your setup. Make sure the body is not too far left of the club face (for right handed players).
  • The club face is a major factor in causing a slice, so fix it before you focus on the swing path.
  • If you have a weak grip, the club face can open. To strengthen your grip, show three knuckles in the top hand.
  • To fix the face of the club, squeeze the elbows and feel the wrists move to close the face.
  • After fixing the club face, work on the swing path by swinging from 4 to 10 o’clock.
  • The right foot can be pulled back slightly to close the stance. This will improve the swing path.
  • Follow these steps to improve your golf shots and increase your distance.

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