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Supercharge Your Driver

I finally realized that I am a lone wolf. Our driver should be swung harder for greater distance. I’ve always swung at 80% to control the direction. But 220-yard drives won’t cut it if you are looking to hit more greens within regulation. You should get close to the green to improve your chances of hitting the green with shorter clubs. The irons should be swung no more than 80% to control distance and direction.

Recent blogs have helped me to understand the importance of “Supercharging” my driver shots.One of the staff members at the SI GOLF blog, Ryan Barath, said you don’t need to try to direct your drive, Just pick your spot, and trust in your shot form. Swing as fast and hard as you can for a balanced finish.

Danny MaudeReleased a driver lesson he had with James Tait World Long Driver Champion. He suggested: When you are chasing a faster swing, hit “hard”, expect longer shots with less direction control. You will gain control and freedom in your swing as you develop your ability to drive the ball up your target line.

1/ Setup your tee with the higher tee Your club shaft should be parallel to the straight leading arm.

2/ You can loosen up by shifting weight and moving your arms and hands. Shift your weight to your trailing foot during your backswing (but don’t sway back). You need momentum to make your backswing. It’s the same as winding up your trailing leg in order to throw a ball.

3/Practice your faster swing You will feel uncomfortable. Initially, work on distance and accuracy at the range.

Golf Digest has used these images to illustrate Nick Dunlap’s driving skills, a 20 year old amateur who was the winner of the 2024 American Express GT. On day 4, he drove an average of 331 miles.

4/ James likes to warm up with a long towel with a knot at one end.The knot will fall over his trailing shoulders. He lifts his heel to allow for more rotation. His high hands enable him to load his leading foot up (with a slight delay) for more power in his downswing when he unloads the trailing foot.

Danny MaudeHe drove 270 yards to start his training and ended up hitting it 325 yards. Use Dynamic Stretching ExercisesImprove your rotation before every round of golf.

I can tell you that my flexibility and rotation improve as my driving distance increases on the second nine. You should stretch before you begin practicing. GOLFSTR+Get more driver distance. Buy one now at



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