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Golf Business News – Women’s Golf Day at PGA Show – A Panellist’s View

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Sarah Bennett, a former PGA Captian (2022), is a Golf Monthly UK Top 50 coach and the current WPGA Chair. Sarah has attended the PGA Golf Show for over 25 years. She is a former Tour player for the Futures and Ladies European Tours.

Her 30 Years of PGA membership playing, coaching and voluntary work enabled her to relay her knowledge to a diverse and Professional audience during the Women’s Golf Day hour panel discussion.

Sarah was invited by the founder to join the panel. Women’s Golf Day, Elisa Gaudet, who with her team ensures the golf industry are updated on the positive impact Women’s Golf Day and other associations are making worldwide.

The panel discussion focused primarily on the positive impact that Women have had in our industry from a financial and participation perspective.

The panel included Kim Alexis, ‘Supermodel’ of the 1970s and 80s who appeared on the cover of a number of popular magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated.

Kim has only recently begun playing golf. She talked about her experiences, highlighting the challenges she faced and the many benefits it offers.

Sarah told GBN: “The varied Challenges and perceptions new golfers face in the UK are the same worldwide, there were many points raised such as on course “playing numbers” which is an interesting concept. Kim thought that additional forward tee positions to accommodate first-time players on the course would be beneficial. I would like to have minimal rough in front of the forward tees to boost confidence for new golfers. Too much time is spent on the range working out the technicalities, rather than learning how to play the sport.

Sarah Bennett in Orlando

“One area I spoke about touched upon the retention of new golfers which is the area, in my opinion, requiring new fresh ideas and implementation by clubs. The academy membership and role models are essential to ensure a structured future.

“The main topic headline was centred around the economic impact Women have on the game and how we can continue to link the activities within this sector. My key areas are my Women’s Golf SchoolsSince over 15 years, I have been organizing and delivering this event. The Economic spend on this activity alone is substantial with many other spends associated with golf as a family activity.”

Sarah, a golf coach who has been working with Rachel Carter for many years, spoke about her coaching experience and how it helped her when she was talking to businesswomen regarding the lack of golfing options available to women in the workplace.

“I have personally seen an increase in Women interested in participating in historically male dominated golf days, this as we are aware can impact the working environment in a positive way. My parting advice is “Don’t be shy to shout out and share your success stories, we should and need to support each other.”


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