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Golf Business News – BIGGA unveils stand awards winners as BTME 2020 wraps up

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BIGGA has announced the winners of the stand awards from this year’s BTME which wrapped up its 2024 Show in Harrogate on Thursday after three hectic days of exhibition action, interspersed with presentations, meetings and seminars.

This year’s show attracted 145 exhibitors and 4,174 unique visitors, with each delegate staying for approximately 1.6 days. This is a slight improvement on 2023. 1,135 education spots were sold through the Continue to Learn programme.

The BIGGA stand award is given annually to the stands at BTME that have impressed visitors and members of the association. The BIGGA app is used to collect votes. There are three categories: small, medium, and large.

Lister Wilder wins Best Small Exhibition Stand

“We’ve had a great show. We’ve been here with the Salsco Rollers for the last three days and it’s been really good fun. We’re really pleased to win the award for best small exhibition stand so thank you very much guys.” David Gray

Lister Wilder wins Best Small Exhibition Stand

Tillers Turf wins Best Medium Exhibition Stand

“I’ve got to say this year’s been an absolutely fantastic show, really busy. BIGGA deserves a huge congratulations for putting on another fantastic show. As a company we’re incredibly proud to receive the award for Best Medium Exhibition Stand. We’ve made a few changes this year and we’ve had lots of positive comments. We’d like to thank everyone for voting for us. We look forward to meeting you again next season. Thank you very much and have a great season.” Richard Owens, Golf & Technical Tillers Turf

Richard Owen of Tillers Turf
Tillers Turf wins Best Medium Exhibition Stand

Aitkens wins the Best Large Exhibition Stand Award

“We’ve had a great week here at BTME 2024 and we’re really pleased to win Best Large Exhibition Stand. Thanks to all the customers who came to visit us, we’ve had a great show.” Richard Aitkens

Aitkens wins the Best Large Exhibition Stand Award

Reflecting on the week, Karl Hansell, head of marketing and communications at BIGGA, said: “As the removals van returns to BIGGA headquarters in Easingwold and our team settles back into the daily routine, we reflect on a wonderful, exhausting week in Harrogate. With our Continue to Learn programme beginning on Sunday morning and the show not closing until 2.30pm on Thursday, BTME week is long and tiring and we’re forever grateful that our enthusiastic team is willing to spend so long away from home to ensure that our visitors and exhibitors have the best experience possible.

“The opportunity to meet so many of our members and watch as they engage in learning or in conversations with our valued exhibitors gives us energy and provides us with inspiration and awareness as we turn our attentions to the rest of BIGGA’s activities throughout the year. Thank you to everyone who joined us in Harrogate this year and we look forward to seeing you at another event soon.”


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