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Foresight QuadMAX Launch Monitor  | MyGolfSpy

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In the world golf equipment, there is a healthy turnover of products on an annual cycle. Even before your new driver hit the shelves, it had been on death watch. Most of the other products we offer are only good for a maximum of two years.  

One might think that the rate of innovation in brands is high. Golf Technology moves at speed of light—or maybe the speed of “Dark.”  

I suppose that makes it all the more fascinating that what I’d argue are golf’s biggest technology brands—the guys tasked with measuring the efficacy and efficiency of the annual (and bi-annual) flood of products, and the golfers who swing them—operate on significantly more conservative timelines. 

A Brief History Of Foresight Innovation 

Consider GC2. The original Foresight monitor was released in 2010. The hardware remained functional, if not state-of-the art, for six full years, except for the HMT external add-on (circa 2013, which allowed GC2 golf clubs to be measured). To put it in perspective, the golf club was measured by GC2 over the same period. TaylorMade launched 73 drivers. 

(I’m kidding. Let’s get it over with, people. 

In 2017, Foresight Introduced the GCQuad. 

The Quad is used by many of the top instructors and equipment manufacturers in the world.  Since the launch of MyGolfSpy, GCQuad is the official launch monitor. 

Save the firmware and software updates we’ve come to expect from any piece of technology (I upgraded the firmware on my dryer last week), GCQuad has set the pace in the photometric (camera-based) launch monitor category for the last six years. 

It’s not just best-of-breed. It’s Secretariat at the ’73 Belmont. There are other horses in the race; they’re just not in the same class. 

QuadMAX – the Next Generation of Foresight Flagship Launch Monitors 

A Foresight QuadMAX launch monitor being used on course

Six years after the introduction of GCQuad and Foresight still isn’t a thing. Then,Launching a brand new device: QuadMAX. QuadMAX’s underlying hardware is not changing much, which may be a testament to GCQuad’s foresight. 

There’s a good reason for that. 

One could argue that accuracy is a construct. Either you’re accurate or you’re not. And if you’re already accurate, being More accurateIt is difficult to overcome this obstacle. 

Foresight QuadMAX Features 

the Foresight QuadMAX launch monitor offers several new features

With that in mind, improvements to the QuadMAX aren’t so much about improving accuracy as they are building on Foresight’s foundation of accuracy with a robust set of features, many of which were requested by current GCQuad users. 

New Touchscreen Display 

QuadMAX features a new touchscreen that enhances navigation and ease of use. If you’ve used a GQQuad, you know navigation of the on-board menu system is functional but not exactly streamlined. 

Customizable “MyTiles” 

The Foresight QuadMAX MyTiles feature brings a customizable experience to your launch monitor

The QuadMAX touch screen interface now includes a feature called MyTiles. This allows users to customize the data displayed and prioritize it. MyTiles was developed in response to requests from Tour pros, instructors and other users. It allows users to focus on just a few metrics, or even one metric, during a practice session. 

You’ll find similar functionality within the FSX Pro app but now it’s available within the hardware itself. 

Hit Now and Analyze Later 

The Foresight QuadMAX Launch Monitor has a large internal storage that stores data collected from a practice session. When you’re done and ready, your session data can be offloaded for further analysis via the Foresight Sports app. 

You can continue to use the mobile app, but we want to offer golfers who don’t like to be distracted by their mobile devices options that are tether-free. 

If you’re like me, you might sometimes hit a lot of shots during a practice session. I’ve been known to go 200 deep and then some but that won’t get me anywhere close to exhausting the capacity of the QuadMAX’s memory.  

Foresight claims the QuadMAX can hold data for up to Two billion shots. So, as long as your uninterrupted run rate doesn’t exceed one shot every second for more than 60 years, you’ll be fine. 

a back view of the Foresight QuadMAX launch monitor

QuadMAX – More On-Board Metrics 

If there is a limiting factor to GCQuad, it’s that a healthy percentage of what it measures is available only through software like FSX Play, FSX Pro or the mobile app. The onscreen display provides the basics. However, if data is required for things such as apex and descent angle, or if you wish to view it offline, you will need an external bit. 

With QuadMAX, additional metrics are directly available on the device which means you’ll be able to use them with MyTiles and you’ll be able to analyze them later with the Foresight Sports app. 

Impact Free Speed Tracking 

the QuadMAX can now measure swing speed without impact, making it idea for speed training with the Stack and others.

I’m probably in the minority but the QuadMAX feature I’m most excited about is a new ability to measure swing speed without the need for impact. This will be particularly useful for golfers that use swing speed systems like The Stack. Simply attach a Foresight fiducial (aka reflective sticker) to your preferred swing stick (even if it’s just your driver) and you’re good to go.  

Lighter and longer lasting 

The QuadMAX comes with a 15 percent larger Battery. Battery life is good on GCQuad but Foresight says QuadMAX’s lights will stay on noticeably longer. QuadMAX is 15% lighter than GCQuad. This is thanks to the new magnesium internals. That should make a difference when you’re lugging it through an airport, for example. 

2024 – A Year of Innovation 

Foresight’s QuadMAX is the second major launch in 2024. The overhead, simulation-focused aircraft. FalconEarlier this month, we announced that there would be more to come. We expect more to follow. 

Foresight’s new flagship launch monitor will be previewed at the PGA Show and available for purchase in February.  

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