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Fit for Golf is looking for testers.

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Are You Ready to Get Golf Fit?

We need six golfers to get “golf fit” through the Fit For Golf app. Golf season is coming, whether you believe it or not. The last thing you want is to not be ready for the season to begin.

What is Fit For Golf?

Fit For Golf, created by strength and conditioning Coach Mike Carroll, features programs and exercises for golfers to do at home or the gym. It includes “easy-to-follow videos,” a schedule and a progress tracker. The app has a support section where golfers are able to reach out for help and guidance.

What is the Test about?

We are looking for six golfers who want to improve on their game. Fit For Golf will demand that you put in the work away from the golf course. Testers can access the new Fit For Golf 2.0 application. It offers a new user experience, and valuable insights into the most recent changes. 

The selected golfers receive a Fit For Golf subscription for a year and are asked to provide feedback about the app and its features. They will also give status updates on how the program is affecting their day-to-day lives, their golf games and their activities.

Are you interested in becoming a tester for the app?

*Registration closes on Jan 31.

*Testers will be announced on the Forum on Feb 6.

*This Testing opportunityThe competition is open to all golfers around the world, but you must first be a forum member in order to be considered.


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