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Find Your Best Putting style and Sink More Putts

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Find Your Best Putting style and Sink More Putts

You can sink every putt you make with any putter. After you have determined the speed and contour of the green, you should determine the putter that will best execute the length putt you are about make. That’s easier said than done but this blog will give you a road map to help you sort out the best putting solution YOUR GAME.

This blog will not teach you how to read greens, or the speed at which they move. You can learn to read greens. Practice is the best way to learn.The speed of greens depends on the Every day, you can cut the grass.Test the practice green on the course you will be playing to get an idea of how the greens should be cut. They should all have the same shape.

This blog provides putting swings for both short and long putts. You have two options:Swing with your wrists (2)Rotate your hips in conjunction with your core. (3)Rocking your shoulders or (4)Any combination of the first 3

You can adjust your target line to the contour of the green. You must putt your ball straight on the line, without any side spinning.This can only be done if you swing directly up the target line. You must minimize rotation about the axis your spine, because you will be swinging around your fixed feet. You can create a straight pendulum swing by focusing your eyes on the ball, and swinging your arms only by ROCKING your SHOULDERS (#3). This is because your shoulders are closest to your eye-lineup and head. You will be able to minimize the natural arc around the axis in your spine.

Bloodline Golf has used these images of Ernie Els putting with his shoulder rocking and his eyes over the golf ball.

Unfortunately, longer puts may require a more powerful swing. Rotation of the hips and coreYou may need to add more power to reach a hole. Never putt while wearing a wristsYou should avoid putting as the smaller muscles will make your stroke inconsistent.

Setup your putts with your The ball should be positioned slightly in front of the middle of your stance So that your upward stroke Creates a RollInstead of a bounce, you can use a sway.The focus of your swing should be on the ball. Impact the ball Putt your putter in the middle of the face.The following are some examples of how to get started: After impact, allow the putter’s shaft to swing straight up your target for a couple of inches.If you find that your putter does not balance, adjust it at the point where the impact occurs on the face.

You can make any putt if you choose the correct line. Swing straight up the line with enough speed to pass through the hole Where the reduction in speed will add most break and damage to foot traffic is the worst. Practice with GOLFSTR+Learn how to lock your leading hand. Buy one now at

Golfer opinions surveyed by GOLF blog: “The cups need to be set .25 inches deeper to prevent bounce outs.” Do you agree?



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