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Feel Your Takeaway BEFORE you Swing

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Feel Your Takeaway BEFORE you Swing

You will FEEL the rotation of your swing when you practice the correct take-away. Recently, I’ve seen videos and articles on Tiger Woods Teach your son CharlieTo make a proper takeaway. David LeadbetterThe device can be attached to your club and allows you to determine the best angle for your club’s takeaway. These are two recent examples Emphasizing the importance of your takeaway.

You may miss a flaw if you rush your backswing. Most mid-handicappers have a problem with starting their swings with their arms. You will not be able to generate enough power without using your hips, shoulders and wrists.

Professional golfers seem to have a natural golf swing. If you can’t duplicate their swings you may want to try these suggestions:

Slow down your backswing: You can’t setup a proper downswing unless you take the time to make a reasonable rotation with a straight leading arm.

Feel Your Takeaway 2/ By practicing a takeaway, you can feel your hips and shoulder rotating at the beginning of your swing. You can then incorporate this feeling into your backswing.

Golf Magazine used the image to show Justin Thomas with a practice swing. Feel your rotation!

3/ Increase the pressure on your LEADER FOOT:Setup with more pressure on your lead foot to avoid falling forward in your swing and topping the ball. Professional golfers, and golfers with low handicaps, automatically transfer their weight from their back foot to their front foot before impacting the ball. Why not setup like that? It works for me.

Take more time to set up for success and feel the takeaway rotate that you need to improve power and consistency with every swing. Practice with GOLFSTR+You can correct your swings. Buy one now at



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