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Cleveland launches new CBX 4 ZipCore Wedge – Golf News

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CLEVELAND has released details of the next generation of its forgiving range of CBX wedges – the all-new CBX 4 ZipCore, which will be available to buy in pro shops and golf retail stores across the UK from February 10.

The CBX 4 ZipCore, designed to help golfers find the sweet spot more frequently, blends seamlessly with golfers’ existing cavity back or hollow irons, while maintaining the same swing feel for their wedges.

“What’s great about the new CBX 4 ZipCore is that they share similar shaping and weighting to modern forgiving irons, so the transition from your irons to your wedges is going to be consistent with what you’re used to,” said Joe Miller, European Product Manager, Cleveland Golf Europe. “You’ll have that same swing feel and find more consistency around the greens. The CBX 4 ZipCore is the total package, packed with performance features geared towards golfers looking to improve their short game without limitations.”

What is ZipCore Technology?

At the heart of these wedges lies Cleveland’s signature ZipCore technology, a feature that helps reposition mass across the toe and high/low on the face. ZipCore increases MOI by aligning Center of Gravity where the club strikes the golf ball. CBX 4 ZipCore features a 7% increase in heel/toe MOI and 5.8% increase in high/how MOI compared to previous generations – combining for the highest total MOI in a CBX Wedge.

Gelback TPU inserts are designed to absorb impact vibrations and provide a pure impact feel. HydraZip & UltiZip combine forces to increase spin in all conditions. HydraZip uses an exclusive laser line and blasting treatment to boost the friction off the face. UltiZip grooves are designed to cut through debris with ease. Together, these technologies promote a purer spin with more control and consistency.

What grind/loft options do you offer?

The CBX 4 ZipCore offers a variety Dynamic Sole Grinder selections that are optimized for loft. This allows players to eliminate the guesswork when selecting sole shapes. All three sole grinds, (V-Shaped S-Shaped C-Shaped), feature a new leading edge bounce chamfer that promotes smoother turf interactions from different greenside attack angles.

Grind/Loft options: V-shaped sole: 44°, 46°, 48°, 50°, 52°. S-Shaped sole: 54°, 56°. C-Shaped sole 58°, 60°

RRP: £159/£169 (st/gr)

Visit the website to learn more about CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges, and to locate a retailer near you.


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